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Fleetwith Pike is a fell in the Lake District which reaches a height of 648 metres (2,126 feet). The fell is a well-known feature of the area as it casts an imposing presence over Buttermere and the Honister Pass between Borrowdale and Buttermere. A week long break in the Lake District was on the cards, a welcoming UK holiday that’s for sure. After a dawn session alongside Buttermere the idea flew into my head with a possible photograph from the top of Fleetwith Pike looking down the valley to Buttermere. So the following evening we made way from the steep climb to the top. What a knee clicking climb that is.

As the sun slowly made its way down, I took off on a short walk to find some interesting foreground to include within my photograph, I was rewarded with my efforts, a bank of heather leading off into the valley. A quick cup of tea and I’m back in place waiting for the light. For me with this kind of photograph it’s about thinking on your feet, unless you relish going up and down fells planning and preparing. As the darkness approached an epic twilight appeared lighting up the sky and boosting the colours of the heather, it sure is a great feeling when it all comes together without planning. Inevitably the descent was in pitch black. Even by head torches this wasn’t particularly easy.

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