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Clovelly is a fishing village in the Torridge district of Devon, England. It is a major tourist attraction, famous for its history and beauty; it’s extremely steep car-free cobbled Main Street, donkeys, and its location which looks out over the Bristol Channel. Myself and Adam Burton made time for a dawn visit around mid summer and upon arriving we were greeted by Britannia coloured bunting covering the charming street. I was keen to photograph the main cobbles with its old lamps glowing in the silver blue dawn sky. Within the wide open windows that overhang the cobbles lay the sleeping locals, so naturally setting up is in a more unhurried and quiet manner. When I finally framed the scene, I went for the shutter release cable and with that the lamps clunked off, bloody sods law hey.

As the dawn progressed we started to see that Clovelly was having a lot of building work done with the result of scaffolding on show throughout the town. While loitering by the harbour wall we noticed these details making for a typical seaside image. It was only when we walked off and called it a morning that I looked back to see a photograph that included the crab pots and the chalk board sign along with the ring, rope, bunting and of course the weathered stone harbour wall.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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