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Recently I made the trip to Bristol for the bespoke bike show. A few nights before after nearly clicking buy on some train tickets to temple meads I soon remembered a subject that I've long wanted to photograph but bad weather has always scuppered my plans. So the car tank was filled to the brim for the flexibility to visit Clifton suspension bridge before and after the show. A 4:00am rise to be on the road for dawn is not usually a very welcoming event, but the buzz of a promising weather report (such a thing?) and the thought of making a new photograph since what feels like forever made me instantly awake. 

I'm always amazed at some of my friend’s ability to suffer for my landscape photography in the past, present and no doubt future. Joe Godsall didn't bat an eye lid at the pick-up time when mentioned let alone standing around in the half light while I got all arty farty. I'm sure they understand very well that you just can’t beat being there.

My visions of this photograph are sadly not met with the dawn on offer. That's not to say I'm unhappy with the results I've extracted from the morning, but I see it as more of a work in progress. Unfortunately on entering the bike show it socked in and turned very grey and rainy making a list of planed photographs rendered completely worthless on such a day. It’s great to finally get into action with the stunning engineering of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s bridge and armed with a list and gear, I will be visiting a lot more over the year. 

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