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As I woofed down my curry with one eye on QI and the other peering out the window I knew there was going to be some lovely light being spread across the rolling landscape. I've wanted a hay bale photograph in good light for some years now, so I made tracks to an area where the farmer is in no rush to bring them in. The clock was ticking and by the time I drove past the nearby village church it was glowing an incredible honey colour as it bathed in the last light. As they say, if you seen it, you’re too late. But with my field under a mile away there could be a chance. 

The car had barely stopped rolling as I jumped out while collected my gear and running flat out in amongst the bales. It all felt like one fluid motion to me, but no doubt there was a dog walker nearby watching and thinking “a up, someone’s escaped the loony house ” I set up just in time to watch the sun disappear below the horizon. You win some, you lose some. Just shows that landscape photography is not all peaceful and relaxed. I am rarely rushed to get into position but these nights really are starting to draw in now. No more taking your time with tea and alike. 

But as I stood there catching my breath the sky caught fire making my little outing worthwhile after all. 

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