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Ahhhh Harvey woods, a photo that I have been craving since I started this game. Ideas and visions that have been made from my days as a compact snapper, these woods I have to say hold some of the best days in my life, Perfect days. You could offer me absolutely anything and I wouldn’t give up my memories of this place. It falls under my era as a bmx’er. A group of great friends and me have built dirt jumps alongside these woods, which saw us up there for over 4 years. The short winter months had us working very hard digging the heavy clay with the relentless rains flooding the pits. All this preparing for a complete contrast as the endless summer months start with hazy long days and a simple life, flowing the jumps with BBQ’s and beers. Quality times.

I’ve watched the sun set in these woods more times than most have had hot dinners. A scene with long black casting shadows with streaks of strong warm light piercing through the woodland was the evening repetition. Thought on the day of this photograph there was an immense amount of fog laying over the UK due to the heavy snow falls we had in 2010, for a few days and lasting all day we had fog working in reverse known as advection fog. This was perfect for woodland photography and the best bit was.... There’s no early rise and no rush. Harvey’s came right to my mind’s eye, I’m in place after a full breakfast and shower, a rare occurrence to the landscape photographer.  A nice amount of subtle post autumn colour peppers the branches clinging on to see the New Year in. 3.2 sec’s later and the image is made. Affair done and I just seemed to float there under the brolly listening to the pit-a-patter above for an hour, feeling all in all relaxed and simply gazing into the enchanting restrained motionless woods knowing I’ve made a photograph that’s been long desired. These moments are by a county mile the best chapters in my workflow.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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