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I watched those same waves unload onto Padang’s shallow shelf and now as I open the shutter they slowly peel away on the world famous Impossibles reef, dominating the foreground in my photograph. Waiting for the perfect set to swing in doesn’t take long on the Bukit peninsula as it’s the day’s repetition, and exactly why wave riders from around the world swam here year after year. Perfect, hollow, mechanical, warm water waves one after the other, I find it very difficult to think of a better place I’ve surfed. After viewing this scene day in day out as part of the habitual surf check that becomes the norm when visiting Bali, it finally sunk in that I should bring the camera along to stop off from an excellent days surf to catch the fading twilight with Mt Agung surveying Bali itself in the background.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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