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This has to be one of my favourite vistas I’ve ever stood in front of. A calm Lagoon with the vast Badung strait beyond and Bali as a backdrop sprawled out in front of you with its big volcanoes; Mt Agung and Mt Batur dominating the north-east and the landscape gently sloping away down to the low laying south. To see all of Bali and get a feeling for it without looking from above is amazing. I can only hope that my photography gives you a pretty good impression of how if feels to be stood there with water lapping at your feet. I believe no photograph could actually beat being at this location. I visited this little patch over the course of 11 days waiting for that perfect moment when Mount Agung would eventually shows itself with the first warm rays of light blessing the scene. I finally got my request on the last morning of our stay. I woke up late but with enough time to jump on the motorbike and ride full throttle to the northern tip of Nusa Lembongan with moments spare before the sun climbed over the horizon.

While standing there composing my photograph for the 20th time the sea weed farmers started to seep out from the little wooden shacks for their long day of work. I couldn’t imagine a better view to wake up too. The friendly nods as they past every morning is what made this little patch so special, By the end of the stay I was sat in there huts talking and laughing with them (with help of a English speaking Indonesian of course). This is a morning I will never forget as the sence of fulfilment flooded my body, a photograph born from hazy memoires of a camera less surf trip in 2002, now a decade later,
my mind’s eye has been translated by the camera for others to experience.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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