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Muriwai beach is a coastal community on the west coast of the Auckland Region in the North Island of New Zealand. It is home to a large colony of gannets. A few weeks before we made the seemingly endless walk to the world's largest mainland gannet colony at cape kidnappers from Clifton beach on the east coast. To say we were knackered when reaching the camper van late that afternoon would be an understatement. Muriwai beach was a complete contrast with just a short stroll from the car park along the board walks and your right in amongst the gannets looking down on them from the balconies. Both these sets of gannet colony offered very unique viewing from one another. Here they soar just a few meters in front of you and have a bird’s eye view on each and every nest. Cape kidnapper’s was at ground level so you’re looking through them, but boy you can stand right next to them. They amazingly just look up as if to say “what?” 

This Photograph was made as the sun sunk into the Tasman Sea. With not much activity in the heavens I zoomed in for a sky less composition and dialled in a slow exposure to smooth the sea making the cliffs pop out. A lone fisherman on the flat outcrop offered the perfect sense of scale.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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