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We have found our own secret beach on the Bukit peninsula. For those of you that have been to Bali will find that hard to believe I bet. Apart from the odd Balinese fisherman there is no one about, no warungs, no people trying to sell you goods and no thieving monkeys, just us and the sea snakes. This could be why no one is here. But to have an evening away from the busy beaches it really is worth its weight in our scaly friends.

The patch of sea just above the arch in this photograph is home to a world class wave that barrels heavily off behind the rock stacks getting bigger as it goes down the reef. The sheer excitement of seeing, feeling and hearing a Padang Padang beast grind down the reef towards the take off zone is almost too much to contain. I simply love the place. I’ve sat in front of this beach countless times waiting for waves unaware that in front of such a powerful unforgiving surf spot lays a Hindi Sanctuary. A flat day arrived and we set about getting down to the beach and after finding a small overgrown path to the shore it soon became our beach of choice. The only downside was the paddle out to Padang Padang being a little sketchy.

As the sun sunk away with the tide rendering the scene a soft blue, I fired the shutter and captured this photograph of the beautiful sculpted little beach.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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