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One dawn in particular down on the banks of the river exe by the village sized town called Topsham, the temperatures dropped enough to create mist having followed a warm day before. This was my first taste of autumn this year. Being my first and a dawn before work, I wasn’t dressed for it. Shorts and a thin t-shirt don’t fit the bill at 6:30am. As mist blew in waves up the estuary set after set, it was pretty darn cold against the bubbler to say the least. At first the mist was sitting down the river in the estuary mouth, and I was clock watching knowing I had to be on the road by 7:15am to make it to work on time. The thought of mist blowing up the river made me stay put with the compositions I had set up with and not wander down to find another shot, which could have ended up in no photograph at all with my slow pace of finding a composition.

Although the image is very peaceful and tranquil, it was not like that standing there. The M5 fly over is right above. There is a constant swishing as people make their way to work, and being 7:00am now, I should be in amongst them fighting for the exit lane. Bit of a contrast from what I’m doing on this morning. 7:15am and I can’t seem to move, it’s getting better and better and I have to be on the road. 7:20am and everything finally clicked, clouds floating past filling the frame and mist smothering the boats. I’m sure it got better but this was at its best for my schedule. I deploy a 10 sec exposure letting the water go super smooth and adding a bit of motion to clouds above. The chaos begun, I’ve never packed away my gear so quick. That classic “late for work” panic that most people know I bet.


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