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The Rumps is the site of an Iron Age promontory fort. The twin headlands are linked to the mainland by a narrow neck making The Rumps a formidably defensive site. Three ramparts (banks and ditches) span the narrowest part of the promontory. These date from the late Iron Age and were once topped by wooden palisades; the earthworks remain clearly visible to walkers.

I’m sat on a cliff edge close to Pentire point, a few yards down from the summit perched on a small ledge big enough for one bum cheek. The view down is certain bone breakage and possibly death. This has to be one of the most awkward photographs I’ve waited for and the passing showers don’t help, this evening isn’t going to match my mind’s eye. A quick stop at the spar for a dashboard picnic and I’m on route home. Empty handed, but inspired.  I’m sat in place once again; this rock ledge must feel wedded to my right bum cheek. The caterpillars on the rocks must be thinking its groundhog day. Though it has to be said, I do enjoy this, revisiting a place to get that magic event; it’s my moment of drive. The sun slowly makes its way down to the horizon, getting warmer and warmer, the cloud are not as powerful as the past visits, there’s a clear blue sky with high cirrus clouds and a band of stratocumulus over sea. The overall scene is a fresh as a spring photograph could be. I wait till the light is at its warmest but also strongest point, and deploy an 8 sec exposure with the aid of a ND and polariser.

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